Our Essence

The simplicity of art meets the precision of technology. 

Our creative and strategic production model is based on the merging of human sensitivity and the efficiency of Artificial Intelligence; a cutting-edge combination to explore tomorrow’s world and push the boundaries of creativity. 

It is precisely the blend between these two universes that allows us to focus on the speed of execution without sacrificing excellence; carefully working on each project to transform it into a tangible campaign.

Words, images, ideas. 

Life is made up of these three elements, you just have to rearrange them in the best way. 

Let us do it for you, let us show you Creativity 3.0.

AI Street Agency


Our Works

We are what we do. Every word, every image, and every project is the result of our vision. 

Are you ready to enter our world?

Our Future

The future is a strange concept, it’s an idea we know nothing about. 

Every moment we are living is the future of the moment we just lived.

We can imagine it, we can try predicting it, we can work to build it, and we can welcome it with open arms.

 But what we cannot do is live it.

 We can’t live in the future just as we can’t live in the past. 

We only have one moment to act, and that moment is the present.

And it’s precisely in the present that, after introducing AI Street Agency, we want to unveil our tomorrow’s present. 

A present in which Artificial Intelligence, thanks to the collaboration with Bondi AI and after learning our method, will be fully integrated into the process of creating text, images, and above all ideas. 

We are working today to train talents, real before artificial, to achieve the perfect combination and to build what we like to call the Creative 3.0. 

Come aboard our present, and the future will be here before you can imagine it.


Our Team

Our Contacts


33 Newman street
London. W1T 1PY


+44 203 769 2168

Marco Pissarello

Chief Executive Officer

Marco is a seasoned Director with a proven track record of working in the telecommunications, IT, and Cyber Security industries. He began his career teaching Electronics at Politecnico of Milan, where he conducted research in bio-engineering and digital signal processing. As a manager, he has worked for several international companies, including EDS (now part of DXC Technology) and RealNetworks, where he represented US and UK companies in Southern Europe. Marco has designed numerous telecom systems aimed at enhancing mobile communication security and safeguarding the privacy of voice and media data through the implementation of various solutions.

Federico Garibaldi

Creative Director

Federico is a Creative Director whose unwavering passion is to revolutionise brand promotion through innovative and lateral strategies. With extensive experience in the luxury industry, Federico has partnered with a wide range of major brands, including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Locman, Valentino, Netflix, Princi and many more.
His ability to nurture creative ideas has always enabled brands to stand out from the competition and achieve remarkable growth. His portfolio boasts collaborations with various watch brands, prestigious companies and culinary establishments, such as Enrico Bartolini and Giulio Terrinoni. Federico’s experience and track record make him an invaluable resource for any brand looking to raise its creative profile.
Prepare to be inspired, Ai Street Agency is where innovation meets strategy and creative brilliance paves the way for transformative brand experiences.

Renato Avanzini


Quick thinker, Visionary IT professional with 40+ years industry experience in technology, security and finance. At the forefront of Internet introduction into Italy in the late 80s born from a deep passion for IT. Continuing today to lead and explore both in the International arena and in Italy, he is now in Australia, where he takes care of trading and development in an Asian time zone.

Alberta Antonucci

Co-Founder / Legal

Avv. Alberta Antonucci was born in Padua in 1982 and after her scientific studies, she received her law degree from the University of Trento. After an experience in an important Milanese law firm, she founded her own boutique in 2012. Since 2017 she has been operating under the brand Ontheinfluencerside and in 2019 expanded and changed it to On the web side. An expert in web law, influencer marketing and information technology law, she collaborates with scholarly journals and national newspapers. She edits the #postamidite column for Grazia magazine where she responds to readers’ issues on web law.

Author of the book “Digital Rudeness,” a manual compiled in order to build a bridge between 2.0 children and analog parents. Engaged in campaigns against cyberbullying and disseminates, in very simple language, through her Instagram page @avv.antonucci_onthewebiside web cases. Winner of the Lancome “The Power of Ideas” award, October 2019. Legal Community Awards 2022 best Legal Design firm award.
Legal contributor to the book “TikTok marketing” Ed. Hoepli May 2020;
Legal contributor of the book “Influencermania” Ed. Hoepli June 2020;
Legal Contributor Guide #shopsurvivor on social management with Sale14 Company (San Marino).
Legal contributor of the book “Instagram marketing for dummies” Ed. Hoepli September 2022;
She is also Probo viro of CIRN Club Italiano Razze Nordiche ENCI group.”

Edoardo Hensemberger


Edoardo writes.
And that’s why he’s here.
Whether it’s with a typewriter or conversing with an AI.
To him writing is a game of perspective, a search for the best point of view to describe, tell and express an emotion.
Letters are counted, each letter plays a key role within a word, and each word within a story; the only thing left to do is to rearrange everything to achieve a result that can amaze the reader.
This is what writing is.
Until today he has done it for various newspapers and magazines including Corriere della Sera, Style, and Il Bullone, gaining registration in the register of publicist journalists.
In addition to writing articles, he has written two plays, a screenplay for a feature film, and one for a short film.
If you are in search of words to complement your images, ideas, and projects, he is definitely the right person to rely on.

Andrea Patruno

Head of Commercial and Fashion Content

Born and raised in Milan by a couple of advertisers I have always loved art and communication medias, hence I studied Visual Graphics for five years at Liceo Artistico Boccioni, in Milan. Following a gap year in which I moved to London to work and improve my English, I graduated at Falmouth University.  Once I completed my education period I came back to my motherland and started working in Filmmaster Productions as a filmmaker and photographer. During this time I had the pleasure to work with some of the most talented and important people of the advertising industry, from whom I received the gift of learning through my eyes and ears. Each and every day has enriched my personality, working skills, and abilities to work alongside others.  The prestigious names with which I’ve had the honour and luck to work with until now, such as Porsche, Allianz, Netflix, McDonald’s, Paul&Shark, Missoni, Bottega Verde and so on, have taught me the most important lessons of all, to always be alert and incline to learn, that anyone can teach you something, and more importantly the humility to understand your limits, never overestimating yourself but always striving for more.  I’ve always been a person that couldn’t see the sky as a limit but would dare to cross the unknown in order to accomplish something greater. I’ve always been driven by passion and I think that loving what we do is the greatest fuel we can donate ourselves.

Luca Granfors

Head of Sport Content

Film maker grown up in the mountains and sports environment,
making videos was a natural prosecution of an active lifestyle that kept me outdoor and moving.
I’m a sport enthusiast, I like to work with athletes understanding what they are capable of in order to get the best shots.
I can work in a variety of outdoor environments, climbing, skiing, hiking.
Some of the brands and companies I work with: Ragni di Lecco, worldwide renowned alpinist group, redbull, zero-gravity, C.A.M.P., Bonaldi Group and more.